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Fort Wayne


 The Aboite Trails , in Aboite Township, Fort Wayne, are multi-use trails along main roads linking residents of all ages to many businesses. Fort Wayne is the county seat of Allen County and has a population of approximately 251,591, making it the second largest city in Indiana and the 73rd largest city in the country. The city was originally built by the United States Army in a series of forts near the Miami Village of Kekionga in 1794. Built at the confluence of the St. Joseph’s, St. Mary’s, and the Maumee River, it served as a trading post for European settlers.

“The fort from which the community derived its name was an eighteenth century American fort, built in 1794. It replaced several earlier frontier outposts originally established by the French. The site had been a gathering place however, for Native American tribes for many centuries before. The confluence of three rivers, the St. Joseph, the St. Mary's, and the Maumee, made the site a traditional trade center for the Miami, Potowatomi, Wea, and other tribes that inhabited the Great Lakes region. These waterways provided access to the Great Lakes and much of Ohio, as well as northern and central Indiana. In addition, a short, 7-8 mile portage between the Maumee and the Wabash River to the west, gave access to the Illinois lands and to southern Indiana, as well as to the Ohio River, as it flowed westward to the Mississippi. This extensive natural trade network gave Fort Wayne distinct advantages for commerce and settlement. Before the influx of European settlers, the Indian town of Kekionga was known to have flourished at the site.” (-
After 1823, the city experienced tremendous growth after the completion of the Wabash and Erie Canals.
In addition to trails, Fort Wayne has much to offer outside of trail use. Examples include the old historic fort, Johnny Appleseed gravesite, a children’s zoo, the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory and several theaters e that has much to offer. Also, near Aboite Township Trails are two ice arenas, three youth centers, many city parks and nature niches. Fort Wayne has four community centers with many activities, many senior programs, and several golf courses as well as mini golf.
The Aboite Trails provide an opportunity to explore different areas of Fort Wayne. It links various neighborhoods, parks, schools, shopping areas, and places of employment. Presently, the trail commences on Covington Road west of Scott Road and on the Homestead Road Trail from Covington to Aboite Center. The asphalt Aboite trail is located in near southwest Fort Wayne. Construction to be completed on the trail in 2010.
The Aboite Trails office is located on Coventry Road, which is the northside street at the first stoplight on US Route 24 just west of the intersection with I-69. Also in this part of Aboite Township are restaurants and hotels, for those staying a while.
Type of Trail: 
Total Length of all segments: 
Approx. 25 miles
Uses allowed: 
walking, biking, rollerblading, jogging
Wheelchairs allowed: 
Agency, Group Owned: 
Greenways City of Fort Wayne
Dawn Ritchie
200 E. Berry St, Suite 210 Fort Wayne, IN 46802
(260) 427.6002