Trails in Indiana

  1. From the Darden Street Pedestrian Bridge we bike through the trails that follow the St. Joseph River; the Riverside Trail, the East Bank Trail and the recently completed Northside Trail that ends at the remarkable Mishawaka Loop Trail.

    South Bend

    Dec. 2012

  2. David Cook Shares his experience hiking el camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain

    North Spain

    11 / 2012

  3. Creating a Bike-Friendly City - Lessons from Portland 

    (Urban Planning Scholar Series by: Health by Design, an Alliance for Health Promotion initiative)

    Video document of the conference Mia Birk gave February 28, 2011 in Indianapolis In.


    2011 / February

  4. Project Manager Deven Lindenberg, explains the importance of design details in the first phase of the project. “Getting it right” in the design of site furnishings including paving materials, signage, and logos, even choice of font, size and color sets the feel, character and experience of trail users from the beginning of the project throughout all of its construction phases.



  5. As city council president, landscape architect, resident and historic preservation advocate, Mark Reynold wears many hats in promoting the Cumberland - Pennsy Trail and the National Road Heritage Trail

    Cumberland Indiana

    09 / 2012