Trails in Indiana


 If you burn off energy by getting outside or find inspiration from trails work and exploration, maybe you would enjoy serving on Indiana ’s Trails Advisory Board. From time to time, the state’s Department of Natural Resources announces openings on this board through its Division of Outdoor Recreation.

     There are a total of fourteen TAB board members from all over the state. They serve three-year terms, and they represent all facets of trail use: from hikers and bicyclists, to snowmobilers, mountain bicycle users, environmental groups, users with disabilities, water trail users, ATV users, and others. Even though the positions are volunteer—they meet four times each year—the various trail-user representatives are in a position to both give and receive input on concerns or projects that may arise. One may ask, how do they actually advise?  The key here is the nominees must be actively engaged in trail-use groups, so that they get out frequently, know what’s going on, and keep up to date in their areas of expertise.
     In addition to advising the DNR, the Trails Advisory Board existence is in keeping with requirements of the National Recreational Trails Program and the system of funding set up when RTP was begun. In order to receive funding via the Federal Highway Surface Transportation Program, each state must form a Recreational Trails Advisory Committee. The Indiana TAB was formed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Director in 1994.
     If you have an interest in serving on the Trails Advisory Board, or wish to know more about it, please see Indiana Trails Inventory and click on “Indiana Trails Advisory Board” which is below the photo section. You must submit a nomination form and support letters when applying. Prospective applicants may also contact David Cox, email Or, write the Department of Natural Resources, Outdoor Recreation Division, 402 West Washington Street , Room W271, Indianapolis , IN 46204-2782 . Phone there is 317-232-4067. The submissions deadline for these vacancies on the Trails Advisory Board is January 7, 2011.