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Plainfield Trails


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This set of intricate trails connects many other trails as well as parks, outdoor ampitheatre, interesting bridges, and ball parks. The trail is lined with trees, bushes, and wildflowers such Lazy Susans. It leads to downtown as well as other notable areas. The pavement is very smooth, well-maintained asphalt, good for adults, children, and handicapped alike. It is to become part of the National Heritage Trail.

The Perimeter/Saratoga Bikeway, located in Plainfield, Hendrick’s County, just west of Indianapolis, commences at the north intersections of Moon Road (also known as C.R. 600 E. at U.S. 40) and Saratoga Parkway. Plainfield is a small but rapidly growing town that is very family-oriented and has much to offer. “Splash Island”, nearby to the trail, is a large, indoor and outdoor aquatics center. A Natatorium at Clark’s Creek Middle School is also open to swimmers and water lover’s (Notably, the Plainfield Parks and Recreation number is: 317-839-POOL). Plainfield also offers shopping, fuel stops, restaurants and many parks. In addition, nearby the starting terminus of The Perimeter/Saratoga Bike Trail is the large “Metropolis”, a modern outdoor mall offering shops, restaurants, boutiques, areas where outdoor concerts and special events take place. At Christmas, the Metropolis is all lit up with decorations and lights. A Santa even appears during Christmas shopping. Also, within close proximity of the trail, a large new high school as well as new hospital are situated.

The Perimeter/Saratoga Bikeway consists of a flat asphalt surface that is well maintained. The trail intersects with the well-known Vandalia Rail Trail shortly after its commencement. Its ending terminus is 1.6 miles north at Gibbs Road. The trail is an all-suburban area with nice housing additions. There are beautiful lakes and ponds with waterfowl. Much of the trail is lined by white picket fencing. Dog clean-up bags are available at the two crossings of the Vandalia Trail.
Type of Trail: 
Total Length of all segments: 
Approx. 27 miles
Uses allowed: 
walking, biking, rollerblading, wheelchairs.
Wheelchairs allowed: 
Attractive Features: 
Connects with various parks, outdoor ampitheatre, bridges.
North Endpoint (#1) - Specific : 
W-Saratoga neighborhood/N.Vandalia Tr.
South Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
E-800 E.
West Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
W-Vandalia Tr./S.-Friendship Gardens
Direction to #2 from #1: 
Notable Trailhead: 
Parking at all (many) parks, benches restrooms, water.
Near to US highways: 
West 40 to Vestal Road Right, 1/4 mile to Aquatics Ctr.
Agency, Group Owned: 
Town of Plainfield
651 Vestel Road – Plainfield, IN 46168
Mailing Address: 
same as the manager address