Trails in Indiana

One Fine Day on Fall Creek

 We are happy to announce that Dan Valleskey has started to collaborate with HRTC to help create informative maps of the water trails system available in Indiana for canoeing and kayaking.
Dan brings in his extensive experience of paddling rivers in Indiana and other states, and his wide connection with friends with deep knowledge of specific rivers throughout the state. Our goal is to present to a wider public the beauty of this activity that in addition to being physical, allows us a complete new connection with nature, and particularly with that element we rarely deal with here in Indiana: water.

HRTC began this project by creating some water trail maps with put-ins, take out points and access points in between. With Dan’s help we can overcome our limited resources, to fill in all the information needed to have a safe and enjoyable ride on these rivers and streams. This is an ambitious project that will require some time to accomplish but can be enriched even further. We would appreciate any help or information from the community of paddlers who would like to share info, photographs, videos, etc. of their water trail experiences. You can contact us here.

To celebrate this new project Dan, with his friend Frank Tinsley, invited us to paddle roughly five miles through middle Fall Creek to have a direct feeling of what the experience of canoeing is. The weather was perfect, the water was clean and transparent after all the rain we had and the nature of May gorgeous. With the confident expertise of Dan and Frank guiding the canoes, we maneuvered safely through some exciting situations, (we got through rapids, also!). We can now state that paddling in that unique part of nature that is a river can be magical.

From this experience we produced a video which we hope is able to deliver some of that magic.
Happy trails, I mean water trails, to you!

Check out the Fall Creek page for more information