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Nancy Burton Trail - Zionsville


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The southern terminus of the Zionsville Rail Trail is a mile stretch of natural/gravel surface which is suitable for hiking or biking. It consists of a very dense forest, thus shady and serene, named the Nancy Burton portion of the trail. There are picnic tables built upon a massive embankment. Rail road ties can be seen along the sides of the trail, which can be muddy in places. Doggie clean-up areas are provided as well as trash receptacles, park benches, and bike racks. This, as well as the Nancy Burton Memorial Park where the southern-most parking for the trail can be found, was donated to the Zionsville Parks Department in 1991 by Lee Burton, in memory of his wife. It is located at S.R. 334. At the southern terminus of the Nancy Burton Trail, a path extension connects to the large Starkey Park, Zionsville's largest park. Providing 3 miles of nature hiking in 177 acres, this heavily wooded park with a nature preserve attracts a variety of people year-round. (S.R. 334 and Sugarbrush Dr.). One can access Starkey Park by walking westward on a dramatic boardwalk ramp descending to Eagle Creek where one can see the side of the original railroad bridge from 1919. From the top of this bridge one sees much of the South end of Zionsville. The North end of the Nancy Burden Trail becomes the Zionsville Rail Trail just South of the tunnel under West Oak Street.



Type of Trail: 
Total Length of all segments: 
Approx. 8 miles
asphalt, crushed aggregate
Length of unpaved: 
Uses allowed: 
all uses
Which uses NOT allowed: 
no nude running
Attractive Features: 
Connects to mFormer Big 4 RR Corridor, many trails & paths, Starkey Nature Park, boardwalk, old-growth woods, neighborhoods, nearby downtown brick street Zionsville
crushed aggregate for 0.75 miles.
North Endpoint (#1) - Specific : 
County Road: North 875E
South Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
Bridge over Eagle Creek
Direction to #2 from #1: 
Notable Trailhead: 
Bloor Road Trailhead on Zionsville Rail-Trail. Starkey Road Trailhead on Nancy Burton Rail-Traill..
Near to US highways: 
To BLOOR ROAD TRAILHEAD on Zionsville Rail-Trail: From SR 334 crossing over I-65, exit I-65 and take SR 334 eastward four miles to Ford Road/CR 1000E; turn northward/left and go 1/2 mile to Bloor Road; Turn eastwards/right and go 1/5 mi. (cross Z'RT) to the parking lot at Hal Sharpe Road. To STARKEY ROAD TRAILHEAD on the Nancy Burton Rail-Trail: From SR 334 crossing over I-65, exit I-65 and take SR 334 eastward four miles to Ford Road/CR 1000E; turn southward/right and go 1/2 mile to Salt Ave; Turn eastward/left and go 1/4 mile to split at curve; take left downhill for 1/4 mile to lot at bridge.
Agency, Group Owned: 
Zionsville Parks and Rec.
1075 Parkway Drive – Zionsville, IN 46077