Trails in Indiana

Moving Closer to Indiana’s First Interstate Bicycle Route

HRTC is proud to report that four new communities and groups have endorsed the mapped route since April, 2013.  Shelby County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the route as have Pulaski County, the City of Tipton, and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, a Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick. 

These latest signatories to the route follow precedents set by Bartholomew, Fulton, Howard, La Porte, Marshall, Miami, and Starke counties, and the Erie-North Judson Trail and Nickel Plate Trail groups.  Also, the Towns of Clarksville, North Judson, Sellersburg, and the cities of Carmel, Cicero, Columbus, Jeffersonville, La Porte, Peru, Rochester, and Shelbyville have passed formal resolutions in support of this project, taking HRTC to near 80% of the needed endorsements required to complete the project.
Inviting long distance cycling tourism through Indiana on a mapped route that requires no investment in infrastructure costs makes for a win-win program.  Cities not on the route have asked for inclusion, but the corridor requirements demand straight-as-possible routes without detours.  The project depends on the explicit cooperation of the Indiana Department of Transportation to review the work and submit the application, but HRTC remains optimistic at getting official endorsement of this historic corridor at the fall, 2013 meeting of AASHTO.