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Mayor Bike Ride 2010


“Boy was that fun,” intoned Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard as he summarized The Mayor’s Bicycle Ride held in Indianapolis on National Trails Day, June 5th, 2010

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5.53 minutes
Allisonville Road - Indianapolis

2010 / 06


“Boy was that fun,” intoned Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard as he summarized The Mayor’s Bicycle Ride held in Indianapolis on National Trails Day, June 5th, 2010.
This second MBR highlighted newly painted bike lanes which the city of Indianapolis made on Allisonville road from 82nd Street southward to Fall Creek, and its connection to the Monon Rail-Trail.
The ride this year drew over five hundred cyclists spanning many family ages from those who rode with parents, to seniors, all of whom rolled out pleasure even as a light rain fell during the whole ride, which actually included the two distances of four miles and twelve miles. The four mile family ride, which started at Allisonville Elementary School on 79th Street, directed many youthful cyclists to turn around at Epworth Methodist Church, which was the site for various bicycle safety practice skills and information, which was arranged by Riley Hospital and Kids First, two of many groups contributing many resources to promote health, safety, and wholesome fun activities. The long, twelve mile, ride was shepherded by more than forty Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department car and cyclist members, who protected cyclists through many intersections on Allisonville Road, Fall Creek Parkway, and 56th Street, before returning to Allisonville Road for the northward run back to the start. Despite the drizzle, riding without cars on one lane or another was quite the treat for the dedicated enthusiasts.
Replicating last years weather, the sun came as the last riders were finishing their longer rides.
Replicating last year, many new helmets, contributed this year by Brown and Brown Insurance, and Flanner Buchanan. At the Washington Township, Allisonville Elementary School start and finish comers this year could enjoy bagels from Panera Breads, water and fruit from Natural Foods Grocery, bicycle service both at a tent at the school, and from riders en route, from BGI bicycle retail store. The Hoosier Rails to Trails Council provided bicycle safety information. Registration and many heavy duty organizing planning and duties were completed by many city employees, particularly from the Marion County Dept of Health. AARP handed out waterproof, pocket-sized containers, a real for the wet ride.
Like last year, one could see many types of bicycles, from low end to high end, from the standard safety frame to recumbent to tandems, and many child assist devices and other unusual types.
The first MBR rolled out in Spring 2009 to highlight and publicize the then newly opened bike lanes on Michigan and New York Streets from downtown
The mayor and many others were most enthusiastic about the fun, energy, participation, and camaraderie of this ride, which sets the stage to 2011 for highlighting Illinois and Capital Street Bike Lanes, to be marked later IN 2010.