Trails in Indiana

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources now is accepting nominations to fill Indiana Trails Advisory Board (TAB) vacancies.

 The TAB advises and makes recommendations to DNR director Robert E Carter, Jr, on how to implement the approved state trails plan

The voluntary board consists of 15 Indiana citizens who represent various constituent groups concerned with aspects of trail use and development.

Openings for trails group representatives include: All-terrain vehicle users; Equestrians; Four-Wheel drive users; Pedestrians; and Snowmobile users.

Other trail user groups already represented include:  Mountain Bike; Bicyclists;  Off-Road Motorcyclists; Users With Disabilities; Water Trail Users; Higher Education/Health; Hiker; Trail Support Groups; All Terrain Vehicle Users; Environmental Groups; and Park and Recreation Agencies.

The DNR Division of Outdoor Recreation will accept nominations and supporting letters of endorsement for the expected 3-year-term volunteers until January 7, 2013.

The Recreational Trails Program (RTP), an apportioned part of federal transportation funding, requires the TAB as a qualification to make Indiana eligible for money from this U.S. Department of Transportation.

The visionary Indiana State Trails, Greenways and Bikeways Plan, published in 2006, lays out an ambitious program to bring outdoor recreation opportunities to Hoosiers across the state. 

Governor Mitchell Daniels led the nation’s governors in securing funding for RTP for Indiana.  The new two-year U.S. federal transportation law, MAP-21( Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act) left  RTP funding optional for states.

See for information and instructions on how to nominate or support candidates.  Contact David Cox at (317) 232-4067; or in person at DNR Outdoor Recreation, 402 W Washington St. Room W271, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2782.