Trails in Indiana

Evansville - A Day in the Life

HRTC staff recently took a weekend tour of the Southwestern toe of the state.
We launched an inspection and discovery tour of the bike routes, lanes, trailways developed and under development in the Evansville area,  and  following trail holdings of our sister agency, the Indiana Trails Fund, Inc. 
Upon our arrival we met with the gracious folks of the Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization, formerly known as the Evansville Urban Transportation Study (U.T.E.S.).
David Stensaas, Transportation Planner, the ‘bike-ped go-to guy’ according to Brad Mills, Executive Director of the MPO, provided  Jane Conrad, Guido Maregatti and Mario Vian a knowledgeable and intense description of the trails in and around the Evansville area, as well as trail proposals and the likelihood of their completion. 
The descriptions held everyone’s attention as the greenscapes described in detail clearly demonstrated the commitment of the MPO and the community to make the area landscape more user friendly to all users. 
Mr. Stensaas outlined developments with the Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage and with the area bikeways system. 
Craig Luebke filled in with information about the Posey County Trails and about the State Park Trail that runs along from Maple Hill Road along  Indiana 69 at CR 325 (State Road 269) for about two-thirds of a mile, paved and running parallel to the highway.
River towns such as Evansville have generally more pedestrian and bike friendly byways, but the Evansville MPO has, it seems, more heroically made multi modal (user friendly to walking, driving, bus and car/truck and handicapped accessible), transportation a focus of their long term planning instead of a reluctantly incorporated philosophy.
HRTC feels confident that this competence and foresight will make a legacy that will pay dividends for a long time to come in the area.
submitted by Mario Vian