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Erie North Judson to Monterey Trail

North Judson


The historic railroad town of North Judson, in Starke County is located in northwestern Indiana. Once a hub for four major railroad lines, North Judson could have seen as many as 125 trains pass through in a single day. The railroad lines included the Pennsylvania RR, New York Central RR, Erie RR, and C&O RR.

The Erie Railroad which eventually became known as the Tippecanoe Railroad, then The JK line operated a 16 mile corridor between North Judson and Monterey. The railroad line ceased operations in the 1980’s and in 2004 the tracks were removed (except for 1 mile which was donated to the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum (HVRM) and railbanked for possible future reactivation by the railroad.
For now, 9.6 miles of this 16 mile stretch has been converted into an asphalt rail-trail for walkers, hikers, horseback riders and bicyclists which begins at the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson and runs southeast to US 35 near Bass Lake. The additional 8.5 miles of the 16 mile stretch will eventually connect to the Erie Monterey Trail.
Before heading out on the trail, perhaps a visit to the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum will fill your senses and mind of days gone by. Explore the history of the railroads of northwestern Indiana from photographs, artifacts and stories. Learn from the authentic locomotives and signal signs as well as a variety of equipment on exhibit, and imagine what it must have been like to be a passenger on a train and to see what they observed. Because there are no major roads and neighborhoods obstructing the view from the trail, one can absorb the beautiful rural atmosphere with scenic landscapes and diverse wildlife. Landscapes of oak groves, sand prairies, and Indiana farmlands painted with wild flowers, and tall grasses set the scene for nature lovers to observe, explore and enjoy. Butterflies, songbirds, deer and other wildlife fill the landscape with graceful movement only to enhance the experience.
Whether you are an avid hiker, bicyclist, horseback rider or a railroad enthusiast, you are sure to find something here to capture your interests


Christi Weston sent a message using the contact form at

Hi! Just wanted to say that we have been riding our bikes on the Erie trail
recently and love it! What a great idea and a great trail. It is peaceful,
scenic and kept up nicely. The other day, we went all the way to the end
thinking we'd have a lunch, and when we got to the end, there was nothing to
sit on. We wondered if maybe a bench or picnic table could be put there. I
realize that you aren't done with the trail yet, but for now, it would be
neat to have something there to sit on, like the bench that was donated about
half-way through the trail and the bench next to the bridge. Both of those
were great ideas! Thanks for taking the effort to build this trail. It is
nice to have something inexpensive and healthy to do with an added benefit of
seeing the beauty of nature. It is much appreciated! Thank you, Christi


Type of Trail: 
Rail trail
Part NOT open: 
8.5 miles
Total Length of all segments: 
18 miles
Length of unpaved: 
Uses allowed: 
Hiking, Bicycle
Wheelchairs allowed: 
Attractive Features: 
side equestrian pathway
West Endpoint – General: 
North Judson
West Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum
East endpoint – General: 
State Highway 35, south of Knox, Indiana
East endpoint (#1) – Specific: 
just south of Starke County Road 800 South
Direction to #2 from #1: 
west northwestward
Notable Trailhead: 
the Hoosier Valley RR Museum at North Judson
Major Trailhead: 
The Hoosier Valley Rail Road
Lat. of Major TrailHead: 
41.213271 41N 12' 47.78"
Long. Of Major TrailHead: 
-86.773453 86W 46' 24.43"
Agency, Group Owned: 
Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum
507 Mulberry Street, North Judson
Mailing Address: 
P.O. Box 75, North Judson, IN 46366-0075
(574) 806-1320, or (574) 896-3950