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Covington Circle Trail


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The Covington Circle Trail, located in the heart of Covington, northwestern Indiana, offers varied, interesting and beautiful scenery. Covington is a small town with a population of approximately 2,398 people, located on the western edge of Fountain County, a predominately rural area. Covington is the county seat for Fountain County, and its courthouse is surrounded by many retail shops as well as restaurants. In addition, Covington's downtown area provides other restaurants, shops, and gas stations.
The western terminus of Covington Circle Trail commences in Covington city Park, where there are a variety of offerings. The park offers picnic areas, soccer and other ball fields, tennis courts, a large playground, a bandstand, basketball courts, a log cabin, woodsy as well as open areas for recreation, shelters, park benches, bike racks, restrooms, and trash receptacles. This active park provides plenty of parking as well. The Covington Trail is well – marked throughout, consisting of 8 – 10 feet, well – maintained asphalt. Upon exiting the park, the trail becomes very quiet, covering farmlands, wetlands reserve, a spring, Covington High School, and crosses the former Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Western rail line. The trail also cross 2 historic bridges, and features trees, shrubs, and lots of wildlife including butterflies, dragonflies, and squirrels. The trail is tree and evergreen – lined in places. Besides the parking at the Covington Circle Park, there are also 2 parking areas on the northern portion of the trail, featuring additional park benches and bike racks. Walkers, runners, bikers, and wheelchairs can all enjoy this trail, however, the trail is a bit hilly and curvy in places. The eastern terminus of the trail ends half-way encircling Covington.
Proposed plans for the trail are to continue the trail southward, to make a complete circle trail of the Covington community.   Presently, there is a trail that proceeds from the east on an abandoned rail road, commencing at a bowling alley at Hwy. 136.  Parking is available there.  The trail continues in a linear fashion all the way west, parallellling the Covington trail to the north, until W. 3rd St.  In the plans is also a north – south trail adjacent to the Covington City Park Trail, which would, in part, border the Wabash River. Come and almost  encircle the town of Covington, seeing its diverse use of the land along the way on this peaceful Covington Circle Trail.


Type of Trail: 
City, Framland, Abandoned Railroad
4.4 miles
Part NOT open: 
Total Length of all segments: 
Design 6.0 miles, Phase III 0.4 miles (Construction 2011)
Asphalt, 12', 10' and 8' widhts
Uses allowed: 
walking, biking, running
Wheelchairs allowed: 
Which uses NOT allowed: 
horses, motorized
Attractive Features: 
200 year old tress, two spans 1904 Pratt Pony Iron Truss Bridge crossing Mallory Branch, wooded area with springs, framland country, scenic views, wildlife abudance, lane of old trees to walk/ride/run under, wetland reserve.
Some steep inclines
North Endpoint – General: 
Covington City Park
North Endpoint (#1) - Specific : 
East Liberty Street and Pearl Streets
South Endpoint – General: 
Covington, Third Street, two blocks south of Courthouse
South Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
East end of Covington along US 136, south of bowling alley
Direction to #2 from #1: 
Third Street, south from park to Pearl Street, sidewalk along Third St., Pearl St. to Liberty St. continue south to trailhead
Notable Trailhead: 
Covington City Park
Near to US highways: 
Exit 8 on I-74, north on Stringtown Road (11th St.) to Liberty Street (US136), west on Liberty Street to Third Street, north on Third Street to City Park
Major Trailhead: 
Lat. of Major TrailHead: 
Covington Circle T.
Agency, Group Owned: 
City of Covington
Covington Community Foundation
135 South Stringtown Road – Covington, IN 47932
Mailing Address: 
PO Box 175 Covington, IN 47932
(765) 793-0702