Bicycle Connectivity in Indiana

Connectivity and the development of a new transportation paradigm.

The new transportation paradigm in Indiana now gives weight to alternative transportation modes, notably, bicycling.

In Indiana, the Department of Transportation (INDOT) has adopted new policies with regard to the development of transportation systems.

This map depicts how the transportation maps of Indiana may, indeed, change to accommodate bipedal travel ways.

Recommendations on the bicycle suitability of state highways, along with the adoption by AASHTO of United States Bicycle Routes (USBR) #35, #50, and #36, and the ADT (American Discovery Trail) have made Indiana as a whole more friendly to bicycling for fun and utility.

These new priority bike routes allow cyclists to connect with many and various parts of the state without starting an engine.

The United States Bicycle Routes use existing roadways, highways, rail-trails and city streets to the extreme north to the extreme south of the state, and from Illinois to Ohio and back.

This will allow for a lower the carbon footprint for travel, better air quality, and mitigation of the obesity pandemic.

Saying “hi” from a bicycle or passing by walking will have a salutary and unifying effect on everyone. Happy bicycling and happy trails.