The Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway - Website Overview


The Indiana Trails Fund, Inc. (ITF) is proud to assist the Friends of the Milwaukee Trail in developing the newest and most scenic walking and bicycling trail in Indiana---The Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway (MRTT); fondly known locally as the Milwaukee Trail. The trail begins in Bedford, Indiana and the first 5.5 miles of the trail are open for use with caution because several moreconstruction projects to enhance the trail remain to be completed.

Here on our website you will find information about the transformation from an eroded rail right-of-way into a universally accessible gravel trail in just two years because of the extraordinary dedication and support of our Volunteers, Donors and Community Donors.The names of 178 volunteers, 25 donors (monetary support), and 47 community donors representing an even larger number of people, businesses, and organizations who have supported the trail with in-kind donations. Because the Milwaukee Trail is a private trail open to the public, the generosity of these individuals and organizations in developing this segment of the trail is priceless!

The work of the volunteers, best described as community building; is highlighted in our video Where Friends Meets.

Their endurance and strength of commitment coalesces in their coming together for the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony found in our segment Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway.

The safety of our volunteers was and is the first priority for trail work. ITF developed our Safety Precautions for Volunteer Builders video to educate and provide guidance and policy regarding hazards along the trail. The video was written and produced by Bedford’s By the Glass Productions. The video is a great learning tool for trail users not familiar with “wildlife” and more rugged natural environs. All volunteers are required to sign a Waiver and written Acknowledgement of viewing this video.

If you are curious about the development of the trail, begin with Rocks, Rivers and Revitalization: The Milwaukee Road Rail Trail Comes to Bedford, Indiana for the common Vision shared by the Indiana Trails Fund and our supporters in Southern Indiana. Continue your reading in Planning the Milwaukee Road Trail where maps and links chronical the development of this trail in the comprehensive long term planning of the City of Bedford, IN. The 2013 awarding of the Indiana Stellar Grant to the city and the relationship of The Milwaukee Trail and the Stellar Projects including the Limestone Trails System is presented by the SPEA- IU students and contained in the MRTT and Limestone Trails Toolkit.

For our railroad and history fans, we have included a document by Chad Pfizer recounting the history of the Milwaukee Road Railroad in Southern Indiana. Other segments about the natural and cultural history of the trail are planned.

Ahhh, and the scenery you will see. The flatlands of the upper two-thirds of the State of Indiana transition to the un-glaciated hills and valleys of beautiful Southern Indiana. Consider The Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway is Open as your gateway to the beauty of the trail and its surrounds. The Friends of the Milwaukee Trail Facebook site provides a timeline of activities, sites and experiences along the trail.

Ready to experience the trail? Go to our Milwaukee Trail Downloads page. Begin with Get on Board for basic contact and way finding information. The Top Ten Questions answers----well the top ten questions we have received from curious people. Our Mile Marker Maps give an indication of how far you have travelled from the beginning of the trail at “L” Street, also known as Lincoln Avenue. Donated pieces of limestone inscribed with mile and half-mile distances are being placed along the trail. The rectangular pieces are conveniently bench height for trail users.

Useful maps more associated with the existing environment are our Phase Maps with Bridge and Milepost Numbers. The All Phases Map provides an overview of all phases of the 19-mile trail; those completed and those in planning and waiting for funding and support. Phase 0 and 1 Map includes Phase 0 from L Street to U Street and Phase 1 from our trailhead at U Street to the Bedford City boundary. Our Phase 2 map extends from the Bedford City boundary west to Coxton Road---the FIRST at grade street crossing west from out trail head. With funding and support it is hoped that Phase 3 of the trail from Coxton Road to Williams, IN will be developed in the near future. The Bridge and Milepost Numbers are important information for distance calculations. The Milepost Numbers are a railroad company’s system of numbering their railroad lines. The numbers begin at the origin of the line, in this case Chicago and mark in mileage each bridge/crossing along the rail corridor. For example: Bridge Number 1, located just west of the U Street Trail Head is Mile Post 261.36; continuing on the trail, to Bridge 3, just south of the 16th Street overpass is MP 260.90 giving you a distance of (261.36-260.90=.46), that is .46 miles.







Have other questions about the trail? Contact the Indiana Trails Fund, Inc. at P.O. Box 402, Indianapolis - IN 46206-0402. Tel. 317-237-9348.